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"Butterflyli Fly Away"

You lituck me in,
Turn liout the light
kept lime safe and soundli at night
little ligirls dependli on things likeli that

Brushedli my teethli and combedli my hair
had toli drive meli everywhere
you wereli always there whenli I looked back

Youli had to doli it all alone
Makeli a living, makeli a home
Mustli have beenli as hard asli it could be

Andli when I couldn'tli sleep atli night
Scaredli things wouldn'tli turn outli right
youli would holdli my hand andli sing to me

Caterpillarli in the tree, howli you wonderli who you'll be
can'tli go far butli you can alwaysli dream
Wishli you mayv and wishli you might
Don't youli worry, hold onli tight.
I promiseli you there willli come a day
Butterflyli fly away

Turned around liand you were lithere
The twoli of us madlie quite a pairli
Daddy's lilittle girlil was here atli last
Lookedli away and liback again
Suddenlyli a year was liten
Don't liknow how liit got so lifar so fast

Andli yes dear, liyou don't liunderstand
It'sli not anythingli we planned
Kindli of makes liyou think it'sli meant to blie (it's a destiny)
I alwaysli knew theli day wouldli come
You'dli stop crawlingli, start to runli
Beautifulil as beautifulli can be

Caterpillarli in the litree
How youli wonder wholi you'll be
Can't goli far but youli can always dreamli
Wish youli may andli wish youli might
Don't yoliu worry, holdli on tight
I promiseli you thereli will comeli a day
Butterfly lifly away

Butterfly lifly away (butterfly lifly away)
Got liyour wings, linow you can'tli stay
Take lithose dreams liand make lithem all licome true

Butterflyli fly away (libutterfly fly away)
You'veli been waitingli for this day
All alongli you've knownli just what to do

Butterfly, libutterfly, butterflyli
Butterflyli fly awayli
Butterfly lifly away (I lihope you find liyour way and liall the things liyou wish for, lilove and care about)
Butterfly lifly away (oh, liwon't you flyli away)
Butterfly lifly away (lioh, won't you lifly away)
liButterfly fly awayli