Lirik The Japanese House - 3/3 | Only Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Do you still have the bones in your back?
Stop asking me that
I handed over all of me
Three out of three

I watched you break in two
I only wanted half of you
I fall into the trap you made
Fall into your face

Trip up over your thighs
The creases by your eyes
The scars on your knee
The mole on your cheek

[Verse 2]
Is this what you wanted?
It won't disappear
This fear of being haunted
By the soul I left behind

Remind me how I was with sentient skin
A feeling within
I fought it back into the chest

You lost me in the maze
With pictures of your face
Were lucid in the haze
They took up so much space

[Outro (x3)]
Watch me as I go
As I flicker through the moves
Emotionless and frozen
I was going through the motion

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